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GamingDRV is a 3-year project implemented by partners from five European countries in order to strengthen gamified digital learning for learners and vocational education training (VET) personnel in professional driver training.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the advantages of digital forms of learning as well as the shortfalls that exist at a European level. For professional drivers, who are legally required to take part in regular vocational training, this has been intensified by the fact that regulatory frameworks do not provide flexibility for the recognition of virtual training.

It is anticipated that the occupational profile of professional drivers will undergo major changes in the context of digitalization, autonomous driving and the increasing internationalization and automation of the sector. There’s a need to address the issue of vocational training to help avoid a further increase in the deficit of skilled professional drivers. The GamingDRV project aims to help by developing an innovative curriculum and gamified virtual classroom (VC) training within the framework of professional driver CPC (certificate of professional competence) training.

Gamification represents a real opportunity for learners in professional driver CPC (especially for those who have, so far, been disadvantaged in the field of education and training) by improving the quality and effectiveness of the training and raising the motivation of drivers to learn. In addition to improving the quality, accessibility and recognition of virtual training for learners, GamingDRV will develop approaches and tools that support VET personnel in applying innovative and integrated gamified training methods in the VC.

GamingDRV develops…

a comprehensive set of tools and didactically sound approaches that include scaffolded training programs, high degrees of trainer support, social learning and interactive methods in a concept of inclusive gamified training.
The following outcomes will be developed:

Virtual classroom concept and curriculum for Driver CPC

The concept and curriculum will comprise relevant CPC contents and will translate them into a learning outcomes-oriented, innovative and integrated VC-based common European curriculum of four to five modules that will be certifiable. It will include guidelines on how to use the concept and curriculum in a VC format.

Digital gamified learning elements (GLE), online pool of resources for trainers

Our notion of gamification works on the basis that human nature is inclined to play. Games are a method of building motivation, skills, teamwork, experience and discipline, and gamification in the VC incorporates gaming techniques and principles into a learning process to find solutions to relevant problems.

A web-based platform will act as a toolbox for virtual gamified training resources, and depending on the solution selected we will develop either four, five or six GLE as stand-alone apps or two or three HTML-based GLE to serve as a cloud-based solution.

Training module for trainers “GameTrain”

The GameTrain Module will represent a concise self-guided learning module for trainers. It will be based on a self-paced e-learning concept and will emphasise the necessary trainer competences for providing an inclusive training approach for the target groups’ special needs.

“GameTrain” will be made available as an OER and will be included in the pool of resources in order to remain available to interested parties beyond the conclusion of the project.

Implementation guidelines for virtual learning in driver training and beyond

The implementation guidelines for training providers and trainers represent practical and easy-to-use guidelines for VET practitioners, enabling them to apply project outcomes in their daily working practice over the long term.

Issues such as recognition and certification of qualifications, legal provision, regulatory frameworks and factors that help or hinder will be considered and assessed, forming the basis for the roadmap towards sustainability.

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