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Työtehoseura ry (Finland)

TTS Työtehoseura which is a training, development and research institute. It was established in 1924 and operates in several localities all over in Finland. TTS is a non-profit-making registered association. TTS Työtehoseura membership includes private individuals, associations and companies. TTS Työtehoseura’s staff is 160 persons and the annual turnover 20 M€.

TTS Työtehoseura activities are financed through proceeds from training services, research and development projects and publications, membership fees and government appropriations. TTS Työtehoseura is supervised by the National Board of Education and the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. TTS Työtehoseura organizes initial training for young and adult students, vocational training, apprenticeship training and personnel training. TTS Työtehoseura provides training services, research and development mainly in the following fields: transportation, logistics, automobile engineering and productivity. TTS is the biggest initial and vocational training institute for heavy vehicle drivers in Finland.

TTS Työtehoseura has worked in several international projects including EU financed projects. The projects have concerned transport personal development, simulator use in developing training solutions and Smart Mobility, development of Smart Mobility solutions and their affects to drivers’ work, training of heavy vehicle drivers and all kinds of vehicle mechanics.

TTS Työtehoseura is a training organization in the transport and warehousing sections. We train different kind of drivers (light commercial vehicles, lorry, truck, bus and taxi drivers), warehouse workers and supervisors for drivers and warehouseworkers. TTS Työtehoseura has a good experience to develop these training and at the moment we are a leading partner in Finland. The Ministery of Education has invited TTS Työtehoseura to be a part of a small group, which aims to develop supervisor training for transportation and VET for logistics.


Created in 1957 at the initiative of the French Transport Federation Union, the AFT is the organisation responsible for the development of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in the Transport and Logistics industry. Its mission is to work for companies covered by the French national collective agreement for road transport (passengers/ goods) and related activities such as logistics and forwarding, as well as industrial and commercial companies with their own means of transport (private - or own-account - transport).

The AFT is a non-profit organisation financed by the contribution of companies. It has one hundred and thirty employees to successfully fulfil all its duties. It has a decentralised organisation based around its regional delegations present in the twenty-one mainland regions. AFT has signed cooperation agreements with the French Ministries for National Education, Higher Education, Transport, Labour and Finance. It has created national and regional steering committees involving social partners, VET providers as well as public authorities dedicated to the VET policy. It also provides the expertise, guidance documents and technical assistance for the various national commissions within the sectorial social dialogue including employers’ and employees’ representatives.

The Transport & Logistics Study and Projects Department (DEP) of AFT, has furthermore been involved in numerous projects dealing with the development of training (modules) needed by the sector, innovative e-learning tools and materials, prospective studies about the evolution of the sector’s jobs and training offer as well as EU transparency tools such as EQF, ECVET or the Europass (e.g. FutureDRV, SLS, VETMO4TL). In addition and with the support of social partners and vocational training providers, and in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education, AFT develops learner and teacher mobility projects, in particular through the NETINVET network, of which AFT is Vice-President.

Our associated partners:

  • Employers’ Federation of Road Transport, FI 
  • Tredu - FI
  • International Road Transport Union (IRU)
  • French Ministry of Education, FR
  • Nobina Finland Oy, FI
  • Swedish Driver Trainers Association (STR Service AB), SE
  • ver.di, DE
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